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The content on this page is marketing communication

In their capacity as recognised representatives of the fund management industry, fund associations have an important mission to look after the collective interests of management companies and fund savers alike in all dealings with the public authorities and legislature.

These organisations are a centre of excellence for the development of knowledge and understanding of the industry which helps to maintain and enhance its reputation and standing.

Member since 1995

With its head office located in Stavanger, Norway, SKAGEN Funds has been a member of the Norwegian Mutual Fund Association (VFF) since 1995. We subsequently also joined the Swedish Investment Fund Association (FBF) after Sweden became a home market in 2004.

Today, SKAGEN is authorised to market its funds in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, the UK, Switzerland, Belgium, Germany, Ireland and France. In addition to the membership with VFF and FBF, we are currently members of the following associations:

  • Federation of Danish Investment Associations (IFR)
  • Association of the Luxembourg Fund Industry (ALFI)
  • Investment Association (IA) and New City Initiative (NCI) in the UK
  • Belgian Asset Managers Association (BEAMA)
  • German Investment Funds Association (BVI)
  • The French Asset Management Association (AFG)

Membership of such associations is an important mark of quality, indicating that the member company's fund management activities have received authorisation from the Financial Supervisory Authority in both the home and host country.

Recognised UCITS funds

All the funds SKAGEN distributes internationally are UCITS funds. Norway is fully compliant with the UCITS Directive and its amendments. The UCITS V Directive (‘UCITS V’) was transposed into Norwegian law on 1 January 2018.

The UCITS V amends the regulatory framework for Undertakings for Collective Investment in Transferable Securities (“UCITS”) to address issues relating to the depositary function, manager remuneration and administrative sanctions. 

Influencing the environment - to the benefit of our clients

One important advantage to being a member of fund associations is that it allows us to closely monitor developments in the fund industry and provides us with the opportunity to influence and improve the legal, fiscal and regulatory environment for the investment management industry and to the benefit of our clients.

Moreover, the fund associations promote high standards of ethics, integrity and professionalism throughout the industry by developing codes of conduct, ensuring transparency and good corporate governance as well as supporting efforts to fight money laundering and financial crime.

Other investor protection information:

Fund regulations

Best execution policy


Common Reporting Standard (CRS)

What is a Norwegian fund?

Handling conflicts of interest

Les rendements historiques ne garantissent pas les rendements futurs. Les rendements futurs dépendront, entre autres, de l'évolution du marché, des compétences du gestionnaire du fonds, du profil de risque du fonds et des frais de gestion. Le rendement peut devenir négatif en raison de l'évolution négative des prix. Il existe un risque lié à l'investissement dans des fonds en raison des mouvements du marché, de l'évolution des devises, des niveaux de taux d'intérêt, des conditions économiques, sectorielles et spécifiques aux entreprises. Les fonds sont libellés en NOK. Les rendements peuvent augmenter ou diminuer en raison des fluctuations monétaires. Avant d'effectuer une souscription, nous vous encourageons à lire le prospectus et le document d'informations clés pour l'investisseur du fonds. Vous trouverez un aperçu des coûts sur le site