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The fund invests primarily in bonds and certificates issued or guaranteed by governments from around the world.

The objective is to provide the best possible risk adjusted return.

The fund is suitable for those with at least a three year investment horizon. Investors must be able to tolerate currency fluctuations.

Latest report for the fund:

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Anna Ancher, Interior. Brøndum's annex, 1916/1917. The painting is manipulated and belongs to The Art Museums of Skagen.

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The current benchmark index is the JP Morgan's GBI Broad Unhedged. The benchmark index prior to 1/1/2013 was the Barclay's Capital Global Treasury Index 3-5 years. Returns over 12 months are annualised.

On 31/10/2016 the methodology for the yield calculation was changed to be in line with the benchmark (from average yield to yield to maturity). The change caused an increase in the number displayed.

Sondre Solvoll Bakketun

Portfolio manager

au 31/12/2021 - 75,30 % of all investments

US Government

30,68 %

UK Government

7,65 %

International Finance Corp

7,13 %

Romanian Government

6,00 %

Italian Government

4,74 %

Republic of Serbia

4,10 %

European Bank for Reconstruction & Development

3,92 %

Oriental Republic of Uruguay

3,87 %

Republic of Croatia

3,75 %

Republic of Peru

3,46 %

All investments

L'historique des rendements ne constitue aucunement une garantie quant aux rendements futurs. Les rendements futurs dépendront, entre autres, de l'évolution des marchés, de la compétence des gérants du fonds, du profil de risque du fonds et des frais de gestion. Le rendement est susceptible de devenir négatif en cas de fluctuations défavorables sur les cours de valeurs.