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The content on this page is marketing communication

For 30 years, SKAGEN Funds has been generating returns for our clients.

Our sole business is fund management, and we do all analysis ourselves. We dare to take unpopular choices, as long as they are in our clients' best interests. We are aligned with our clients – when we do well, clients do well.

Our objective is to provide the best possible risk-adjusted returns, communication and service.

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Return figure shows the total return in EUR for all share classes of the mutual funds SKAGEN Global, SKAGEN Kon-Tiki, SKAGEN m2, SKAGEN Focus and SKAGEN Vekst since the funds' inception based on an initial investment of EUR [X] in each fund. SKAGEN Global average annualised return since inception (07/08/1997) of 12.81% vs. 5.37% for the MSCI All Country World Index. SKAGEN Kon-Tiki average annualised return since inception (05/04/2002) of 9.79% vs. 6.39% for the MSCI Emerging Markets Index. SKAGEN m2 average annualised return since inception (31/10/2012) of 4.15% vs. 2.92% for the MSCI All Country World Index Real Estate IMI. SKAGEN Focus average annualised return since inception (26/05/2015) of 4.76% vs. 7.25% for the MSCI All Country World Index.  SKAGEN Vekst average annualised return since inception (01/12/1993) of 12.13% vs. 9.52% for the MSCI Nordic Index/MSCI All Country ex. Nordic Index. All figures are in EUR net of fees as of 27/06/2023.

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Samsung Electronics: (Still) together for tomorrow
6 juillet 2023

A cornerstone of SKAGEN's investment approach over the past three decades has been our long-term perspective. While holding periods industry-wide have fallen below six months on average, companies typically remain in our portfolios for 2-3 years. Some have generated returns over many more, but none ...

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The active enigma: Can stockpickers continue to prove their worth?
12 juin 2023

As SKAGEN celebrates its 30th anniversary, we assess how the changing investment landscape has ...

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Timothy Warrington:

The next 30 years

We count ourselves lucky to have such knowledgeable and engaged clients in SKAGEN. That is essential for any business in a sector which is constantly evolving. 

Les rendements historiques ne garantissent pas les rendements futurs. Les rendements futurs dépendront, entre autres, de l'évolution du marché, des compétences du gestionnaire du fonds, du profil de risque du fonds et des frais de gestion. Le rendement peut devenir négatif en raison de l'évolution négative des prix. Il existe un risque lié à l'investissement dans des fonds en raison des mouvements du marché, de l'évolution des devises, des niveaux de taux d'intérêt, des conditions économiques, sectorielles et spécifiques aux entreprises. Les fonds sont libellés en NOK. Les rendements peuvent augmenter ou diminuer en raison des fluctuations monétaires. Avant d'effectuer une souscription, nous vous encourageons à lire le prospectus et le document d'informations clés pour l'investisseur du fonds. Vous trouverez un aperçu des coûts sur le site