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Second quarter sustainability report

Follow the progress of our sustainability work – read our Q2 ESG report.

A green but jobless recovery

Why the nature of work matters for a sustainable future

SustainabilitySouth Korea
Active ownership and Samsung: Targeted sustainability work pays off

Following a prolonged period of targeted sustainability work and active engagement with Samsung, ...

News from skagen
SKAGEN Performance Update – A Resurgent Second Quarter

Markets rebounded sharply as fears surrounding the COVID-19 crisis gradually eased and economies ...

CoronavirusStock Markets
CEO Update: Not time to let our guard down

As summer beckons, here in SKAGEN our thoughts turn to the future direction of the company. We now ...

CoronavirusInvestment Philosophy
Seven Lessons for Investors from the COVID-19 Crisis

The COVID-19 induced market crash offers several lessons for investors. Some are reminders of ...

Investment PhilosophyCoronavirus
Value investing: a generational opportunity?

The disparity between value and growth stocks which began following the financial crisis has ...

CEO update: Even more normal times

These past months of global challenge have taught us that the office is not dead – but it is ...

CoronavirusInvestment Philosophy
CIO update: Avoid overpaying for growth

In SKAGEN, our focus is on managing our portfolios according to potential future scenarios while ...

Real EstateCoronavirus
What next for global real estate?

A look at the coronavirus impact, the outlook for different segments and why stock selection is key ...

Sustainability reporting on a quarterly basis

SKAGEN has a long history of incorporating sustainability into our investment process, and last ...

CEO update: more normal times

Across Europe, May will see people emerging from various degrees of confinement.

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