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ChinaEmerging Markets
Navigating the China Syndrome
12 octobre 2021

The latest Chinese stock market meltdown has brought Emerging Market valuations to compelling levels.

News from skagen
Proposed change to SKAGEN Global fee model
12 octobre 2021

SKAGEN intends to change the fee model for SKAGEN Global to the benefit of unitholders.

Global Stock Markets
CIO Update: Making sense of financial advice
29 septembre 2021

Would you go to your neighbour for advice about your chest pains? Unless she is a doctor, the ...

Real EstateGlobal Stock Markets
Real estate market update: a sector reborn
23 septembre 2021

As stock markets around the world become ever more expensive, real estate is looking increasingly ...

News from skagen
In memory of Kristoffer Stensrud
19 septembre 2021

We are deeply saddened to learn of the death of Kristoffer Stensrud at the age of 67. He was a ...

Corporate governance: Lawful engagement
7 septembre 2021

How SKAGEN uses legal proceedings to remedy governance breaches on behalf of clients.

SKAGEN to reclassify equity funds as Article 8 under SFDR
2 septembre 2021

New categorisation as "environmental and socially promoting" funds to reflect the continued ...

Global Stock Markets
CIO Update: Playing the Long Game
31 août 2021

The rapid rise of the Delta variant is spooking the market. However, provided we remain vigilant ...

ChinaInvestment Philosophy
China's tightening regulations: the SKAGEN Kon-Tiki view
27 août 2021

In recent months, there has been a significant tightening of regulations governing Chinese ...

Emerging MarketsSustainabilityActive Ownership
Ivanhoe Mine's Net-Zero Crusade
25 août 2021

Ivanoe Mines, the mining company held by three SKAGEN funds, is to ensure that its flagship project ...

Equity Funds
SKAGEN Global: Strong company reports in Q2
20 août 2021

The global equity market delivered solid gains during the second quarter. SKAGEN Global also ...

Real EstateGlobal Stock Markets
A strong quarter for global real estate and SKAGEN m2
10 août 2021

The second quarter was once again positive for global real estate, which continued to catch up with ...

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We report on our sustainability work on a quarterly basis.

The report lays out how we work with all aspects of sustainability – from how we incorporate ESG (environment, social and governance) factors into our investment process to how we as a company work with sustainability.

You can find our sustainability reports in pdf format below.

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