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1. Set up a SKAGEN account

To subscribe units in SKAGEN Funds, you need to set up an account with SKAGEN Funds.

Please send the completed account opening form(s), corresponding proof of ID documents together with a subscription form. Send all documents by post or as an attachment to to start the payment. 

2. Subscribe

SKAGEN funds' prices are set in NOK and we also calculate the prices in SEK, DKK, EUR, GBP, USD and CHF. Select the currency you wish to subscribe in to avoid extra costs associated with exchange rate transactions.

Need proof of ID

Please send the completed subscription form(s) together with the corresponding proof of identity documents by fax, post or as an attachment to and initiate the payment. Please ensure that the form has been signed in accordance with the latest authorised list of signatories.

Subscription forms received before 1500 CET will receive the unit price of the day, as long as the payment is credited to the fund's bank account the same day. This applies when subscribing in an amount, unless otherwise agreed. 

Remember the correct currency

Please ensure that payment is made in the correct currency to the correct account using the relevant IBAN. All the funds' account details can be found in a separate form "Settlement details". To receive this form please click here or contact our advisors in SKAGEN if you have more questions.

If you are transferring money from a foreign bank, you will receive the relevant unit price on the day payment is credited to the fund's bank account. It may take a couple of days for the transaction to be processed due to the delay in transferring money between banks from abroad.


Please note that all payments to SKAGEN must be sent as a SWIFT MT103. We are not a bank and therefore cannot receive SWIFT MT202 messages. Payments made as a SWIFT MT202 will be returned by our custodian bank.

3. Redeem

To sell units in our funds directly through SKAGEN, please select a redemption form and return it to us, signed and completed.

All redemptions in SKAGEN can be settled in NOK or any of the currencies which we price our funds in. If you redeem in NOK and your bank account does not accept NOK, your bank may return the amount to SKAGEN or alternativley convert the amount into the preferred currency using their exchange rates. Any currency risk or charges made by your bank are your responsibility.

Redemptions in our funds will receive the relevant price on the day that we receive the redemption order. Please be aware that redemption orders must be received by SKAGEN before 1500 CET in order to qualify for the current day's price. Orders received after cut-off will be processed with the following working day's price.

Payment and settlement of redemption orders will normally be executed one day after the order has been registered. The time delay before the money is visible in your account will depend on how long it takes for the banks to process the interbank transfer.

If we have not received an approved copy of your ID, the units will still be redeemed, but the payment cannot be processed until the ID has been received. For more information on this please click here.

4. Switch

You will receive the relevant unit price the day SKAGEN receives the switch order (orders must be received before 1500 CET).

5. Transfer of units

If you wish to transfer SKAGEN units, you can forward a stock transfer form by fax, post or as an attachment by e-mail to

Les rendements historiques ne constituent pas une garantie pour les rendements futurs. Les rendements futurs dépendront, entre autres, de l'évolution du marché, des compétences du gestionnaire du fonds, du profil de risque du fonds et des frais de gestion. Le rendement peut devenir négatif en raison de l'évolution négative des prix. L'investissement dans les fonds comporte des risques liés aux mouvements du marché, à l'évolution des devises, aux niveaux des taux d'intérêt, aux conditions économiques, sectorielles et spécifiques à l'entreprise. Les fonds sont libellés en NOK. Les rendements peuvent augmenter ou diminuer en raison des fluctuations des devises. Avant d'effectuer une souscription, nous vous encourageons à lire le prospectus du fonds et le document d'information clé pour l'investisseur qui contiennent des détails supplémentaires sur les caractéristiques et les coûts du fonds. Ces informations sont disponibles sur le site Storebrand Asset Management administre les fonds SKAGEN qui sont, par convention, gérés par les gestionnaires de portefeuille de SKAGEN.