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Best global property fund award to SKAGEN m2

The global property fund SKAGEN m2 has won one of the prestigious Lipper Fund Awards.

SKAGEN m2 is named best global property fund over three years in five regions: Europe, France, Germany, the UK and Netherlands. In addition, in Germany, the fund is name best global property fund over five years.

SKAGEN m2 is also ranked number 13 of 243 in the world over three years by the independent fund research company Citywire*. The analysis company, Morningstar, also rates SKAGEN m2 highly, awarding the fund five out of five stars on a three-year basis*.

SKAGEN m2’s portfolio manager, Michael Gobitschek, is A-rated by Citywire and is ranked number five out of 142 portfolio managers over three years in the Property-Global Equity category. Over a five-year period, Michael Gobitschek is ranked number 22 of 105 by Citywire.

On receiving the award, Michael Gobitschek commented:

"Awards like this provide great motivation for us to continue looking for the best investment opportunities for our clients. Despite the recent market volatility, SKAGEN m2 remains well positioned for the long term thanks to its investment philosophy, disciplined stock selection and truly global mandate."

* All ratings as of 30 March 2020.


L'historique des rendements ne constitue aucunement une garantie quant aux rendements futurs. Les rendements futurs dépendront, entre autres, de l'évolution des marchés, de la compétence des gérants du fonds, du profil de risque du fonds et des frais de gestion. Le rendement est susceptible de devenir négatif en cas de fluctuations défavorables sur les cours de valeurs.