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Watch the recordings - available for a limited time only

The recording of Hillary R. Clinton will be available shortly. Please note that recordings of Clinton and Professor Joseph Stiglitz will only be available for a limited period.

18 years of New Year's Conference

Our first New Year's Conference took place in 2006. Last year we hosted the Conference digitally for the first time.

Three Nobel Prize winners

Nobel prize-winners Robert Shiller, Paul Krugman and Joseph Stiglitz are among the keynote speakers at our New Year's Conference over the years.

Five countries

The New Year's Conference has been held in several European capitals: Oslo, Stockholm, Copenhagen, London and Amsterdam.

Over 95 Speakers

Over the past 17 years, SKAGEN has welcomed over 95 speakers on stage at our New Year's Conferences.

New Year's Conference
Hillary Rodham Clinton: Engagement at the very heart
16 décembre 2021

Few women now alive, if any, possess the experience of and insight into major world events of recent decades as former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. On 11 January 2022, she will participate as the keynote speaker at SKAGEN Fund’s New Year’s Conference.

New Year's Conference
Robert Friedland: The revenge of the miners
14 décembre 2021

The mining legend Robert Friedland, founder and chairman of Ivanhoe Mines, will be one of the ...

New Year's Conference
Joseph Stiglitz – an economist unlike any other
8 décembre 2021

Nobel laureate, former chief economist at the World Bank, former adviser to the US president and ...

New Year's ConferenceChina
Michael Pettis: The finance professor perfectly placed at China's economic crossroads
17 novembre 2021

Michael Pettis will make his debut appearance at our New Year conference in January, arguably with ...

New Year's ConferenceSustainability
Optimistic sustainability guru: Mike Berners-Lee
17 décembre 2020

He is the climate expert who has garnered fame through his books "How Bad are Bananas?" and "There ...

New Year's Conference
One of the world's leading bank economists to speak at our New Year's Conference
17 décembre 2020

Torsten Slok spent many years at Deutsche Bank before recently being appointed chief economist at ...

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