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For 25 years, we have


We aim to provide the best possible long-term results for our clients.

Offering good personal service, open and honest communication and user-friendly solutions.

We choose the routes that benefit our clients.

Today, SKAGEN has a wider perspective and offers more options than ever. And the journey continues


Stavanger Fondsforvaltning AS was granted authorisation from The Financial Supervisory Authority of Norway to manage mutual funds

The equity fund SKAGEN Vekst launched on 1 December

448 unitholders and assets under management of EUR 2.5 million


Fixed income fund SKAGEN Avkastning launched on 16 September

Equity fund SKAGEN Vekst selected as best AMS fund from 22 funds

Fixed income fund SKAGEN Avkastning selected as the best bond fund of the year


Fixed income fund SKAGEN Avkastning again selected as the best bond fund of the year


Equity fund SKAGEN Global launched in August

Equity fund SKAGEN Vekst selected best AMS fund in the media

Office established in Ålesund

Assets under management pass EUR 100 million


Money market fund SKAGEN Høyrente launched in September

Equity fund SKAGEN Global voted \ selected as best fund among those investing outside Norway

Office established in Oslo


Equity fund SKAGEN Global is number one in its class


Assets under management pass EUR 0.5 billion

Number of unitholders increased from 48 000 to 67 000

Internet subscriptions on


SKAGEN offers defined contribution pensions for the first time


Equity fund SKAGEN Kon-Tiki launched in April

Our funds are approved for sale in Sweden and Denmark


Fixed income fund SKAGEN Høyrente Institusjon launched in March

All three equity funds rated A by Standard & Poor's (S&P)

Assets under management pass EUR 1 billion


Equity funds SKAGEN Global and SKAGEN Kon-Tiki upgraded to AA rating by S&P

SKAGEN becomes Norway's 2nd biggest equity fund manager


Equity fund SKAGEN Global upgraded to AAA rating by S&P

SKAGEN becomes Norway's biggest equity fund manager

Our funds approved for sale in Luxembourg


Equity fund SKAGEN Vekst upgraded to AAA rating by S&P

Fixed income fund SKAGEN Tellus launched on 29 September

SKAGEN becomes Norway's biggest equity fund manager and has highest net subscriptions in Sweden


Our funds approved for sale in Iceland and Great Britain

Funds Europe Award 2007: Kristoffer Stensrud is CIO of the year


All three equity funds keep their AAA-rating from S&P

Internationalisation and increased export success

De Gouden Stier 2008: Equity fund SKAGEN Global best fund (public award)

Subscription fees removed


Elected Fund Manager of the Year in Sweden, Denmark and the Netherlands

Export success: 52 percent of assets under management come from outside Norway

Fixed management fee for SKAGEN Kon-Tiki reduced to 2 percent


Emerging market equity fund SKAGEN Kon-Tiki ranked second in Citywire's ‘Euro Stars’

Fixed income fund SKAGEN Tellus awarded five stars by Morningstar


Funds approved for marketing in Switzerland


10-year anniversary of equity fund SKAGEN Kon-Tiki

Global property fund SKAGEN m2 launched


Funds approved for marketing in Belgium

SKAGEN celebrates 20 year anniversary


Fixed income fund SKAGEN Credit launched

Equity fund SKAGEN Vekst's investment mandate changed

Funds approved for marketing in Ireland and Germany


Launch of the equity fund SKAGEN Focus

New affiliate ownership


SKAGEN awarded second place ‘Farmand Prize’ for best website in the non-listed companies category

Marketing approval in France  

SKAGEN wins the International Echo award in Los Angeles for best finance marketing campaign

Tenth anniversary of partnership with SOS Children's Villages 


SKAGEN acquired by Storebrand Group, remains an independent company reporting to its own Board

Shadow activist equity fund SKAGEN Insight launched



SKAGEN celebrates 25-year anniversary

Launch of 600 external funds on SKAGEN’s platform in Norway

Launch of the fund concept "Anbefalt av SKAGEN" in Norway


New Year's Conference 2024

SKAGEN Fund's 21st New Year's Conference took place on 10 January 2024.  
Watch the recordings.

Les rendements historiques ne constituent pas une garantie pour les rendements futurs. Les rendements futurs dépendront, entre autres, de l'évolution du marché, des compétences du gestionnaire du fonds, du profil de risque du fonds et des frais de gestion. Le rendement peut devenir négatif en raison de l'évolution négative des prix. L'investissement dans les fonds comporte des risques liés aux mouvements du marché, à l'évolution des devises, aux niveaux des taux d'intérêt, aux conditions économiques, sectorielles et spécifiques à l'entreprise. Les fonds sont libellés en NOK. Les rendements peuvent augmenter ou diminuer en raison des fluctuations des devises. Avant d'effectuer une souscription, nous vous encourageons à lire le prospectus du fonds et le document d'information clé pour l'investisseur qui contiennent des détails supplémentaires sur les caractéristiques et les coûts du fonds. Ces informations sont disponibles sur le site Storebrand Asset Management administre les fonds SKAGEN qui sont, par convention, gérés par les gestionnaires de portefeuille de SKAGEN.